How can a HR Health Check benefit your business?

At Jackson Hogg we are able to run a full company HR diagnostic with our clients which helps us to better understand their business and people needs. This provides us with a clearer picture of what the current HR requirements are, so we can give advice on how to improve and grow. The key things we will focus on during the HR health check are listed below:


Irrespective of Company size, if you employ people, you need to ensure you comply with UK employment law. Keeping up to date with UK employment legislation can often prove quite a challenge, especially for businesses that do not have any internal HR support.


As well as ensuring your business is protected from the risk of possible litigation, you should also ensure your employees are supported and encouraged to perform to the best of their abilities. Performance management and employee development are key aspects of human resource management and can have a significant impact on the overall success of your business.


Growth is only possible when your employees are engaged, productive and performing well. Additionally, you will need to ensure your internal communication is consistent and steady to help employees adapt easily to changes and developments as your business continues to grow.

How our HR health checks work

We will ask you to complete an initial document with a series of questions on your current HR and people processes. Then, depending on your requirements we can either come to you, or schedule in time to speak over the Teams or Zoom. We will then go through the health check in more depth to fully understand your business needs and your short and long-term objectives.

We will then create a bespoke report with recommendations on how you may be able to improve your business HR and people management. If relevant, we will also suggest which of our Jackson Hogg People Packages would best suit your business.

If you would like to discuss how a free no-obligation HR Health Check could benefit your business, please contact our HR Partner for a confidential chat:

Jill Mallinson