SMS Tech

What we do:

SMS Technology allow organisations the ability to digitalise their operational areas with quantified carbon reductions

A net zero service provider to not effect scope 3 metrics as well as being ISO9001/14001/45001/27001 and Cyber essentials certified sharing the strains of our clients and not just saying we can support these but also achieving these our selves.

Our solution is designed by Operational, HSE and Quality and compliance professional’s who have worked in the industry and taken the frustrations of paper KPI, Launch, containment and compliance recording. Gone are the days of non-value added administrative tasks allowing management time on the shop floor.

Our product is.

  • Fully customisable
  • Real time
  • Green
  • Easy to use, implement & Train
  • Ever evolving part of our continuous improvement mentality

What we offer EMN Members:

SMS Tech for EMN members would offer a 50% reduction on set up costs, as well as 10% off annual subscription of the system (while the customer is a member of the EMN)

SMS Tech have been able to penetrate the public sector and would be willing to discuss how this was possible as well as giving insights of lessons learned doing so.

Contact: Peter Williams


Phone: +44(0)3334432522



Spotlight On: SMS Tech

Spotlight On: SMS Tech

What does SMS Tech do?   SMS Tech support organisations in digitalising their operational areas and removing the requirements of paper, in turn this supports the demonstration of compliance and targets of Net Zero. The product is fully customisable and is able to...