1. What does SMS Tech do?


SMS Tech support organisations in digitalising their operational areas and removing the requirements of paper, in turn this supports the demonstration of compliance and targets of Net Zero. The product is fully customisable and is able to support cross sector organisations we are currently working with several Engineering and manufacturing organisations as well as recently beginning to support working in the public sector with the NHS.


  1. What makes SMS Tech great?


Our ethos of supporting our environment and social awareness driven by our teams makes us great (as well as our product)– since being incorporated we have supported several initiatives from planting trees allowing carbon offsetting of our clients and ourselves, we have raised vital funds to enable defibrillators to be put into public spaces via our work with Red Sky Foundation and raised vital funds to support the Bradley Lowery foundation. The reason for choosing these charities is we want to make a difference on the hearts of the individuals and also on the planet. Our team is not just made up of software engineers and coders our team are built up of ex Quality Directors, Operations and Engineering managers which has allowed us to create a product that we believe is missing from products offered.


  1. What is your 5 year plan?


Our 5 year plan is to support the manufacturing sector achieve Net Zero, Increase our headcount and take on more apprentices which will bring more younger applicants into the world of STEM, which is backed up by the work we undertake in STEM activities at schools we also want to plant “The Forest of Pete”


  1. What are you looking for from your EMN membership?


Continue to get insights of the sector and find best practices, build meaningful relationships and share experiences. The ability to showcase our company at EMCON which we officially launched at in 2022 when our product was ready. EMCON remains an event we will continue with as it feels like its where we began.

  1. What information do you want to get out to members?


Lessons learned and thought-provoking discussion pieces. We have been involved in several peer to peer cohorts through the EMN and feel this has helped drive the business forward whilst also being able to support other members.


  1. What are you going to offer back to the community?


Happily, support anyone that is looking at getting to get into the public sector to give them some guidance and lessons learned we had to overcome to get into such a regulated industry, which is not to dissimilar to the manufacturing and engineering sector. Share our experiences from our time in engineering and manufacturing roles.