Calibrate leads high energy-use businesses to slash carbon emissions through innovative energy device

Calibrate Energy Engineering, part of RSK Group, are re-launching the new-look Calibrate Analytics © system with added scope and functionality.  This innovative platform acts as both heating and chilling system controller as well as energy assessment device.  It is now firmly at the heart of the business’s eco-drive to help businesses reduce carbon emissions through innovative eco-technologies.

Based in Northumberland, Calibrate have over 20 years of experience in the industrial scale heat and chill systems and have used that knowledge to identify a missing link that will help more businesses move towards net zero, whilst also reducing their heating and chilling costs by up to 50%. To date, they have helped many industries including manufacturing and industrial, tourism and leisure and food and drink processing achieve their carbon and cost reduction goals.

Calibrate Analytics is a physical ‘black box’ tool that reads a series of wi-fi sensors, strategically placed around  buildings that relay intelligence back to the virtual analytics software, a browser-based dynamic interface that produces data in real time. The sensors themselves work in synergy with the rest of the system to monitor a wide range of environmental conditions, such as electricity, temperature, humidity and energy use. This provides vital feedback to your hand-held device or computer allowing Calibrate to make recommendations on how clients are able to better understand and improve their energy usage. The next step may then result in the installation of renewable technologies or the re-calibration of existing assets for greater optimisation.

Nick Mather, Business Development Manager said: “We are delighted to bring our new Calibrate Analytics system to the market. We always strive to ensure that Calibrate does everything possible to facilitate our client’s transitions to sustainable energy however, in this economic climate, we are also focused on finding cost effective solutions designed to save our clients’ money.”

The data taken from the system is easily interpreted by the client by the powerful graphing tool and allows the user to compare multiple sensors over different time periods, with the sensor data exportable for assessment of the carbon and other readings. The Calibrate Analytics system is now able to be installed for a lower price than previously due to its new wi-fi capability.

Nick concluded:

“Technology is constantly evolving, and we invest a great deal of time into research and development to ensure we remain at the cutting edge.  As such, we are confident that our new and improved Calibrate Analytics will provide even more functionality at a lower price point.  Our easy to use and intuitive solution has the capability to make a huge difference to both the environment and financials of any business, regardless of industry. We cannot wait to see the positive change that Calibrate Analytics will bring to our clients to achieve net zero goals.”

Calibrate continue to focus on providing solutions for pioneering high energy-use businesses working towards lower carbon emissions and lower energy costs.  The aim is to make net zero a reality by helping transform energy profiles through clever and cost-effective engineering.  To date, Calibrate have installed 300MW of heat pumps and renewables to commercial businesses, whilst preventing the release of tens of thousands of tonnes (and counting) of carbon into the atmosphere.