We supply and install tailored LED lighting solutions, Solar & Electrical Vehicle  Charging points for businesses of all sizes in all commercial sectors. We install LED Lighting systems, Solar & EV  Charging points for colleges, offices, leisure centres, shops, or large industrial premises, assisting companies and organisations in making the switch to LED lighting and Solar technology effective and hassle-free. We are the Renewable LED experts and have installed lights in many types of environments to adhere to our client’s requirements.

With lots of grants & funding options available, it’s great time to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

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Grants are available for Energy Efficiency via Business Durham https://www.durhambusinessgrowth.co.uk/ You will need to scroll to the bottom to register interest.

The grants vary dependent on the size of the project. Up to 40% is awarded for switching to LED Lighting this as this is seen as a quick win regarding carbon reduction , the max grant for this is £10k For larger Solar PV installations grants of 40% are also available (max grant £250k)


Grants are available up to 50%  for a maximum grant of £7.5k.  Sunderland City Council will look at a combined grant for Solar and LED the maximum combined is £10k in total.