MICHELIN Connected Fleet achieved remarkable success in the last 12 months through its SEO strategy, demonstrating the transformative impact of a robust online presence. With an 883% year-over-year increase in Google organic traffic, 61,549 new customers, and an impressive Project ROAS of 2.4K%, this approach not only enhanced brand awareness but also translated into substantial revenue exceeding £1 million. 

So, how did we do this and what can you take and use for your benefit?

Leveraging Organic Search

The initial problem is acquiring leads from a constantly changing Search Results Page and a long decision-making process. To mitigate this, the focus is maximising visibility on each potential interaction with the customer.

In order to achieve this, we leverage organic search to educate prospective customers on the value we offer. Specifically, the content we create ensures our presence when potential customers search for solutions to challenges they are facing, and through SEO we establish our online presence as a beacon of information, attracting leads by teaching our audience about:

  • The range of services and solutions we provide.
  • The challenges we are adept at solving for our clients.
  • Our distinct positioning within the industry ecosystem, aligning with the goals of MICHELIN Connected Fleet and their vision of leadership in the fleet management market. 

The ultimate goal being, to capture both those who already know they need your services and those who are experiencing a problem but are not yet aware of their need for your services.

Reducing Friction in the B2B Sales Process with Informed Content

Streamlining the B2B sales process is integral, and your sales team holds a wealth of internal data regarding customer interactions, frequently asked questions, and pain points. Integrating this information into your organic search strategy allows for the creation of targeted content which directly addresses the needs of potential clients. 

By aligning your approach to content with the challenges your audience faces, you thereby reduce friction in the decision-making process, the result being a content generation strategy focused on that makes things easier for your sales team.

Boosting Brand Awareness for Businesses of All Sizes

It’s a common misconception that these marketing strategies are only beneficial for large corporations. In reality, companies of all sizes can harness the power of search engines to enhance their online presence. 

A well-optimised website together with a solid content strategy can level the playing field, allowing smaller businesses to compete with industry giants. The key is to tailor the approach towards the specific needs and resources of each organisation.