1. What does Waterstons do?

In a nutshell – we use technology to solve business problems. This could be anything from monitoring and improving cyber security practices, helping make decisions making data driven, or using software and automation to increase process efficiencies.

Manufacturers and engineers are facing an exciting future with the rise of innovative AI and software solutions, robotics and the need to develop shopfloor efficiencies, meaning collecting, understanding and using data has never been more important. With data and AI, and innovation teams working with partners across the UK and beyond to develop ways to improve processes, we are well-placed to take your organisation into its next phase.

  1. What makes Waterstons great?

We work with businesses one-on-one to truly understand them and their processes, only then can we appreciate the real challenges and work on solutions. We are passionate about what you do. We have deep understanding of Manufacturing and bring that to our engagements with you.

Packages and off-the-shelf solutions aren’t what we do – getting to know your business is.

As a business with its heart in the north east, we’re passionate about the region’s history and expertise in building the world. But our teams throughout the UK in Glasgow and London, as well as across the globe, offer insight, expertise and experience across a range of industries and products to provide a whole-sector view.

  1. What are you working towards in the future?

We want to make a difference – to work with a range of manufacturers and engineers to truly embrace innovation, data and new technology, making them world leaders in their fields.
As a people-first business, at Waterstons we’ll be investing even more in our clients, colleagues and community to offer the best possible service, the most innovative solutions, and build better connections.
By putting people first, we hope to protect the future of our business, and that of our clients, as well as of the planet we call home. Weaving sustainability into everything we do, we want to make a difference to the businesses and clients of the future.

  1. What are you looking for from your EMN membership?

EMN and our membership is crucial to supporting, embracing and empowering manufacturing and engineering organisations across the region and beyond.
We hope our membership will give us the opportunity to understand more about these powerhouse businesses, to use our technical expertise to help them reach their goals and solve their problems, and cement the north east as the UK capital of manufacturing expertise.

  1. What information do you want to get out to members?

That we’re here to help them! Need to automate? We’re here. Need to grow? We’re here? Want to make more of your data? We’re here.
Whether it’s making the most of what you have, or driving into to the next phase of your future, we’re with you.

  1. What are you going to offer back to the community?

The EMN community is a hub of expertise and excellence and we want to add our 300+ consultants to the mix. Whether it’s introductions or innovation, software or support, AI or advice, we’ll be there.