Demand for data centre capacity has reached an all-time high and the appetite for working remotely and shopping online in the post Covid era means that this demand will only continue to increase.

Data centre sector growth requires physical space and room to grow as capacity demand necessitates additional floor space for server racks and network equipment.  The ‘building for tomorrow’ philosophy is critical when planning for scalability, expansion and futureproofing.

When it comes to high security and security rated environments in the data setting our high security composite panel systems offer the ultimate rapid, versatile and future-proof method of secure construction.

Our fully modular, LPS 1175 security rated composite panel systems provide the opportunity for simple and rapid floor space expansion and build-on capability as well as multi-floor build up options. Our panel systems are fully demountable and capable of being relocated and repurposed.

We offer a security design package into every project we deliver, ensuring that the building for tomorrow principles are captured at project design, architectural  and planning phases .