In today’s business landscape, asset finance is a great way to help your company grow, enabling access to vital resources without compromising on cash flow.

Spreading the cost of equipment, machinery, vehicles, or office equipment can help facilitate further growth without a substantial initial outlay – ideal for startups or businesses with limited working capital.

When investment is necessary, but funding is difficult, asset finance can be the perfect solution. To secure the right asset finance arrangement for your specific circumstances, you’ll need an experienced broker to guide you through. That’s where Anglo Scottish comes in.

Asset finance can be used to fund both hard and soft assets:

Hard assets

A hard asset usually refers to a tangible asset or resource of significant value. This may mean vehicles, plant equipment, machinery or even buildings themselves.

Soft assets

Soft assets are usually of less significance than hard assets and are differentiated from hard assets in that they have little-to-no resale value. Examples of commonly financed soft assets might include office equipment and furniture, electronics, computer hardware or software.

We’re particularly strong in “green” and renewable finance, we offer a wide range of finance options to support with green initiatives and renewable energy projects. With finance available for solar panels, heat pumps, wind turbines and other renewable energy projects, your business can spread the cost and improve sustainability standards without compromising your cash flow.

Vendor finance is another strong area for us that could benefit your business. Vendor finance is a division of asset finance specifically tailored to businesses that sell vehicles, machinery, and equipment to other businesses. It provides a facility for your businesses to offer affordable asset finance to your customers. We work with many sellers and re-sellers of equipment to provide access to highly competitive asset finance solutions to their customers and facilitate their sales.

In addition to asset finance, we are also able to offer you cost-effect commercial finance, including business mortgages, invoice finance, commercial loans, cashflow funding, trade finance and business credit cards.

And if that wasn’t enough, we are also able to offer you and your business personal and business car finance. We can finance all sorts of vehicles from Transit vans to Tesla’s, and BMWs to Bugatti’s.

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