Excelpoint, a leading North East tech firm, congratulates Lee Dodgson on achieving his Level 3 Data Technician apprenticeship. Excelpoint takes immense pride in its team accomplishments, and Lee successfully completing his apprenticeship is a time of celebration for the tech team.

Over the course of 15 months, Lee demonstrated exceptional commitment, balancing on-the-job responsibilities as a business consultant with dedicated apprenticeship learning. He has received support and guidance from Excelpoint, enabling him to gain valuable experience building cutting-edge, enterprise-wide no-code software systems.

His expertise in automating business processes and workflows has already yielded remarkable results working on projects for clients such as KAEFER in Benelux, Cenergist, and ei. Company.

Lee’s journey has also included engagement with Excelpoint’s wider customer base delivering excellent customer support services. This exposure to real-world business challenges has nurtured Lee into a proficient problem-solver able to contribute to delivering robust software solutions that realise operational efficiencies and drive substantial cost savings. This invaluable experience so early in his career has proven to be immeasurable.

Lee said: “My apprenticeship with Baltic Apprenticeships has been an enriching experience and has allowed me to acquire a diverse range of skills and knowledge of data technology. I originally studied IT and business studies in college but felt I needed more hands-on experience, so the apprenticeship route was a natural step for me to take.”

Excelpoint CEO, Ian Brown, expresses immense pride in Lee’s growth and contributions throughout his time at Excelpoint: “Lee’s dedication, commitment, and innovative approach have impressed us, and he is already making a positive impact on our clients. It has reinforced our belief in the value of apprenticeships – a path many of our consultants have followed, transforming into highly skilled and experienced consultants capable of delivering powerful software solutions to address customer challenges.”

If you are interested in embarking on an apprenticeship journey with Excelpoint or seeking practical work experience, please contact Loraine Henderson at 01325 375930, email hello@excelpoint.co.uk, or visit www.excelpoint.co.uk.