Welcome to our New Look. Why we’ve rebranded and what it means

We welcome you to our new website, and of course our new brand!

We are absolutely delighted to kick off 2023 with a fresh brand that has been many months in the making.

Our new logo explained

The logo (or hallmark) is a representation of the balance between our grounded, pragmatic approach to renewable heat and power projects, and our idealistic standpoint on the collective and urgent need for action around the climate and energy crisis.

We firmly believe that we have always had a responsibility to equip, inform and empower businesses and communities to transition to low carbon and renewable heat solutions as soon as possible, and our new logo was designed to represent this purpose.

Moving forwards – time for a new look

In addition to a new logo, our rebrand was also about revisiting our principles as a renewable heat specialist in an effort to really bring it to the surface and communicate better why we do what we do, as well as the broad range of expertise we have and to celebrate our achievements to date.

2022 was our most successful year to date, with an exciting and wide range of projects and programmes, such as the decarbonisation of Hoar Cross Hall, with the installation of a sustainable biomass heating system that sourced woodchip from the management of surrounding trees and woodlands. We also started work on the major Community Heat Development Programme, supporting communities across Scotland to locally generate and decarbonise heat in homes and buildings as part of the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES), within the broader Heat in Building Strategy. Northwoods, a programme we started twenty years ago, was also brought back to life with funding from the Forestry Commission to bring unmanaged woodland back into management in the Northeast and Yorkshire.

We also welcomed many new faces last year, almost doubling the size of our team in under 12 months (and keep an eye on our new careers page for opportunities this year):

  • Aidan Greaves, Trainee Biomass Engineer
  • John Hutchinson, Heat Supply Manager
  • Paul Batley, Business Development Manager
  • Danny Murray, Senior Biomass Engineer
  • Ben Moore, Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Martha Carrdus, Graduate Renewable Energy Consultant
  • Brian Robertson, Biomass Engineer
  • Scott Brown, Biomass Engineer
  • Alex Storer, Customer Service Administrator
  • Katie Cairns, Administrative Assistant

In addition, our values have been revisited and refreshed in a process completely driven and owned by our team – they reflect our business perfectly and we’re proud to not only have them prominently placed on our new website, but also embedded into our culture.

Of course, we are the same business, the same people, with the same passion and purpose, but the rebrand brings this to life better than ever- injecting even more energy and momentum into everything we do, and why we do it. We’re excited with what 2023 (and beyond) will bring, and we look forward to working with our clients and stakeholders to continue on our collective journey towards a low carbon future for all of us!

Ben and Neil

Ben Tansey

About the author

Ben Tansey

Managing Director
Ben is Director and Co-founder of Reheat and an accomplished business manager with a background in sustainable forestry and career in the biomass to energy sector which spans nearly two decades. Having graduated with a first-class degree in Forestry from Edinburgh University, Ben has been involved with the development of the UK’s forestry and biomass to energy sector for 20 years.

Neil Harrison

Neil Harrison

Commercial Director
Neil is Commercial Director and Co-founder of Reheat with 20 years’ experience in forestry, biomass energy and enterprise in commercial, voluntary and government settings. Neil has broad experience of funded programmes, training and business support, and has worked with major organisations including UK Government, UNDP, Georgian Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources and the Danish Refugee Council.