Telex specialises in helping companies create and implement strategies to better manage their ongoing
energy and water spend, through the utilisation of Market leading technologies, Industry expertise, a clear
understanding of the customer’s requirements and establishing a trusted partnership with the customer.

Taking a Holistic Approach

We have our own in-house team of experts who have long term experience in the water and energy
industries including CEM’s/ESOS & ISO 50001 assessors and site works specialists.
We also work with industry leading partners like Centrica and Octopus Renewable and directly with over 25
energy and water suppliers, meter operators, data collectors.


By developing a close working relationship with our customers to really understand how energy and water
is being consumed across all sites, Telex will create and support the implementation of a robust energy,
carbon and water management plan which would be laid out in an Energy Consultancy Agreement. Please
see below examples of services that would be incorporated within the energy, carbon and water
management plan:

• Complete analysis on meter usages, charges, contracts and set up.
• Develop and implement an energy and water procurement plan.
• Arrange for all energy invoicing to be sent by suppliers to Telex UK, so Telex UK can check the
accuracy of the billing and identify any incorrect charges,
• Work with suppliers, Data Collectors and Meter Operators to manage the implementation of
compliant meters and Automatic Meter Readers (“AMRs”) across sites.
• Create a portal for the customer that will allow them to see daily usages for all meters with an
AMR/Usage and cost reports over specified timeframes for all meters with an AMR/Deliver the
following reporting, energy consumption and costs plus budget consumption costs for any given
supply/SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) annual reports in line with legislative
requirements/All required ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) reports in line with
legislative requirements
• Deliver annual site audits to identify possible areas of energy and water usage reduction and energy
generation opportunities.
• Work with the customer to develop and implement a realistic Net Zero pathway,
• Assign a dedicated account manager with responsibility for:
o Meter management/Providing assistance with new meter installations/Assisting with
provision of new or upgraded gas/electricity supplies as requested, to obtain quotations for
network providers and to follow through installation/Arranging new connections/Managing
Change Of Tenancies (“COTs”) to ensure no over-charges when the customer cease to be
responsible for a meter and minimising any potential additional costs when the customer
takes on a meter/The timely delivery of all reporting/Ensuring all invoices have been billed
correctly by the supplier/Liaising with the suppliers to clearly answer any day to day queries
responding to the customer’s requests and queries within 48 hours/Liaising with all relevant
staff at the customer, managing properties, facilities or accounts as and when required


Kelie Muldoon – Strategic Partnerships Manager
Tel: 01913000660 or 07877808912