HVAC systems need ongoing maintenance. Most modern offices and retail spaces are equipped with high-performance HVAC equipment. These systems are usually very effective but, unless they are fully optimised and correctly maintained, they can consume much more energy and ultimately fail to control the climate inside the building.


To maximise the efficacy and energy efficiency of an HVAC system:


  • The temperature and air flow through the ventilation ducts must be measured and leaks eliminated.
  • The airflow into and out of each air outlet or extractor fan needs to be carefully matched to the local heating, cooling and ventilation requirements.
  • The condition of the air filters in the system must be monitored to ensure they do not clog and restrict air flow.


Challenges with HVAC testing 


The field service engineers who conduct routine testing and maintenance of existing systems face several challenges including:

  • Needing to transport a large number of heavy, bulky tools and test equipment around the building by hand.
  • Access to ductwork and other test locations being tight and difficult.
  • Accurate testing relying on taking a large number of different measurements in multiple locations to get a complete picture of system performance.
  • Increased accuracy requiring frequent recalibration of tools, adding cost and down time for engineers


Solutions to these issues


To help resolve these issues field engineers ideally want:


  • Smaller, lighter, and more battery-powered instruments that are easy to use in tight spaces.
  • Multifunctional instruments capable of taking many different measurements at the same time.
  • Robust and highly accurate instruments with longer-battery lives and and longer intervals before needing recalibration


How can Nano & Flusso can help?


Flusso manufactures the world’s smallest and least expensive flow sensors with class-leading accuracy, repeatability, and robustness. We have sensors for air velocity, volumetric flow, and differential pressure that are ideally suited for tight integration into highly multifunctional, portable, and battery-powered test instruments.


Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions or would like an evaluation kit to try out.


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