Infographic: Leadership Skills

Have your leadership team got the necessary behaviours for performance, success and fulfilment?

10 key competencies of leadership

As leaders, we have to cover many different aspects in our roles. The infographic below identifies 10 key competencies which can contribute to becoming an effective leader.

Essential behaviours – and behavioural traits to avoid – have been identified which underpin each of these 10 competencies and support optimum performance.

To assess your current leadership against these important competencies, you need to objectively measure the distinct behaviours aligned to each one, to identify strengths and areas for development for each individual across each competency, as can be seen in the example report. Further reports drill down to the granular level for each identified behaviour. This can act as a road map to enable the development of bespoke training programmes around the relevant behaviours for your current and emerging leaders across these 10 core leadership competencies.

Focusing on individual behavioural development will support your leadership team to apply these management skills and leadership competencies, and will help improve performance, job success and fulfilment levels.

More about how we measure these Leadership Competencies

Example Leadership Competency overview report

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