Join the Engineering and Manufacturing Network and Excelpoint for a morning of
networking and hear from Ian Brown, Managing Director of North East tech firm Excelpoint
about the role of technology in automating business processes in the manufacturing and
engineering sector.
Ian is passionate about empowering organisations to adopt a digital transformation and
continuous improvement strategy. He has a proven track record of implementing
enterprise-wide business process software systems and helps organisations to become
smarter, streamlined and customer-focused.

Drawing on a range of case studies from the sector, Ian will provide an insightful
presentation to stimulate ideas and answer questions on:

 Creating automated, streamlined and efficient business processes
 Enhancing the customer and employee experience
 Reducing time to value, costs and technical debt
 Replacing or complementing legacy systems
 Embracing a data-driven strategy
 Empowering senior stakeholder decision making with real-time reporting
 Achieving a successful enterprise-wide digital transformation