As part of Trifast plc, TR Fastenings has been reporting their environmental initiatives and statistics for some years.

We are proud to have been recognised by EcoVadis in gaining global business sustainability ratings. EcoVadis are involved in more than 200 industries across over 160 countries, so the awarding of a Silver Medal to TR Fastenings represents a major statement in regard to our commitment to sustainability.

EcoVadis combine innovative technology and expert knowledge of sustainability processes to monitor performance in this increasingly vital sector, and they have evaluated more than 75,000 businesses. Here at TR, we understand the importance of recognition from industry specialists. We also know that long-term success in sustainability can lead to benefits in winning new business through enhanced customer confidence proving that we are committed to shared environmental goals. Internally our employees are embracing and understanding that they can influence change and believe that” our fastenings enable innovation today to build a better tomorrow “.

Mark Belton CEO of Trifast is driving the ESG strategy stated that “We are delighted to have received a Silver Medal Sustainability Rating from EcoVadis, the world’s leading ratings provider. This is in recognition of the efforts of a great many individuals, teams and departments within the TR family. It’s important to also note that we see this as part of our ongoing and permanent commitment to improving the environment for all”.

TR will be publishing the Group Sustainability report as part of the ESG Strategy this November so receiving this accolade has been important to us.

View the TR Fastenings EcoVadis Rating Certificate here