North East based tech firm Excelpoint has announced a restructure across its operations designed to
enable further growth and align its structure around customer-centric policies to deliver the best
customer experience for users of its no-code technology.

The new structure supports plans to establish Excelpoint as the leading no-code software supplier in
the UK, with an added focus on building on its current global reach.

CEO Ian Brown will lead the ambitious growth plans supported by chief operations officer Oliver
Warren, chief technology officer John Patrick, chief marketing officer Loraine Henderson, head of
project delivery Sarah Orton, head of continuous improvement Tom Luder and head of strategic
partnerships Gary Swinburn. Andrew Marsh has also joined Excelpoint as a non-executive director
and brings to the team considerable experience in business transformation with an impressive track
record of repeatedly creating sustainable growth in digital and tech companies.

Throughout 2021, Excelpoint has remained resilient, continuing to focus on growth and the
implementation of operational excellence. As a result, it has won a significant level of new contracts
for its no-code enterprise-wide software with considerable uptake from the manufacturing sector.
Commenting on the changes and performance, Ian said: “We are pleased with the continued
momentum and are encouraged by signs of recovery following the pandemic.

“We are attracting new customers from many sectors and seeing the adoption of business process
automation embracing no-code technology from manufacturers.

“Our ambition is to establish Excelpoint as a global leader in the no-code sector.

“Currently, the market is experiencing an influx of new players, riding on the hype of no-code.

Excelpoint has been developing its no-code software for over 20 years, establishing a platform that
offers comprehensive enterprise-scale capabilities, product breadth and depth, and years of built-in

In late October, Excelpoint held its first Knowledge Transfer Forum, bringing together industry-
leading brands from a range of sectors who are champions of no-code technology.

Ian commented: “It provided the opportunity for customers to see our new product functionality,
drive future product development and share their no-code journey. The forum was invaluable for all

“Our commitment to our customers further extends to our recruitment drive with two new
developers joining the team and plans to expand the consultancy team before the year-end.”

The no-code revolution continues to gain momentum as organisations reap the benefits of adopting
no-code over traditional bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions.

Organisations adopting no-code software to achieve a digital transformation enjoy faster business-
wide communication to define processes and requirements, rapid time to market and the
eradication of technical debt.

To join the no-code revolution and accelerate your digital transformation, please contact Excelpoint
on 01325 375930, email or visit