AIR pollution control and project management expert FEG Global has unveiled its specialist odour abatement solution, designed to tackle complex odours from industrial high-temperature frying and cooking environments.

FEG’s patent-pending Liquid Gas Contact Scrubber (LGC) features a flexible modular design that can be tailored to specific user requirements.

Odour and oil mist emissions from applications such as frying, cooking, coating and seasoning within the food industry can cause major problems and lead to complaints to

Environmental Health.

These processes often produce sticky particulate, fat droplets and oil mist which is hard to filter with traditional methods and coat nearby buildings and roofs. Food manufacturers rely on scrubbers to remove these contaminants and compounds causing odour, but the devices are often not efficient enough leaving the odour unabated.

The LGC is specifically designed to tackle these issues, while also providing an easy-to-use odour removal solution.


Unlike other types of scrubber, such as chemical or carbon, which tend to perform differently on different compounds and are not suitable for particulate, the LGC can include multiple stages to tackle a variety of odours and the sticky particulate.

FEG’s practical and effective solution to odour control delivers compliance with the requirements of BAT (Best Available Technique) and can be controlled via a simple-to-use interface with remote data logging functionality.

FEG Managing Director Chris Williams said: “We’ve worked with customers in the food sector for many years and kept seeing our customers in high-temperature frying environments having the same issues with odour removal.

“We believe we’ve developed a unique solution that solves those problems – all while remaining flexible to ensure we can tailor it to each user’s unique requirements.”

Founded in 2004, FEG delivers its specialist cross-sector engineering consultancy, CAPEX project management and environmental technology services on a global scale.

Based in Sunderland, UK, the company recently opened its first international office in Belgium.