You may occasionally think about a potential ‘exit’ but not know what this really looks like for you and your family. What about your personal aspirations? Why are you doing what you’re doing? What end does it serve?
For all but the most extreme serial entrepreneur, there will likely be an end goal; a point at which you can get away from the coal face and do the things that truly motivate and excite you.

Running a business is an exhilarating and often exhausting undertaking. You influence not only your own destiny, but that of your staff too, as well as possibly the sector you operate within. It’s a heady cocktail, but we
find that many business owners would like to get to a point where, if they’re working at all, they’re doing so out of choice rather than necessity.

But how do you know when you’ve reached that point? How do you know when you’ve made enough to live your dream life? More importantly, what are you not doing by staying involved in the business? What are you missing out on whilst still young enough to enjoy it? If you’ve unwittingly already reached the point where you can live your dream life, why are you ploughing on?

We understand that taking your foot off the gas may not come naturally; indeed, to get to where you are today, you’ll have taken risks and no doubt have suffered sleepless nights. Your self-reliance, determination and resilience is likely what has led to your success. Thinking about exiting your business is understandably a difficult topic.

‘Everyone is different. It’s about building a personal visual plan so you understand the life you can live.’Chris Black – Divisional Director

Our job is to help you work out:
1. what your dream life looks like;
2. how much that dream life costs;
3. when you can live that dream life, and
4. ultimately, if that dream life is already within your grasp.

If not, the strategy needed to get you there. When we know these things, we can give you clarity on when you can confidently step away from the business. In conjunction with your other professional advisers, we
can then help implement an exit strategy that maximises your chances of living life on your terms.

We’ve worked with thousands of business owners like you, who have benefitted from the clarity we can bring to the conundrum of “how much is enough”. We do so without bamboozling you with jargon and often, we end up showing you that your ‘magic number’ is smaller than you think it needs to be.

To find out more, and to get real clarity on when you can live your best life, contact Chris Black, Divisional Director, at or at our Newcastle office on 0191 279 7793 /
07733 307230.