New Releases – IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills from April 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of two new training courses to add to our portfolio, both certified by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, @IEMA;

Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce

Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers

These courses are designed to upskill employees at all levels, essential to delivering a functioning and successful value-added environmental management system within their company. Students from all sectors will benefit in developing their understanding of the key concepts and building blocks of sustainability in businesses and will develop relevant skills to be able to apply environmentally sustainable practices within their own business.

Steve Nicholas, Managing Director of #iqms Learning says “@IEMA is the recognised leader in delivering a powerful message of sustainability to industry. We are proud to partner with them in offering these courses vital in helping organisations to recognise and realise the opportunities that may be so easily achieved when embedding environmental sustainability into their own organisations.” Contact us now or visit