Many small businesses don’t have the financial luxury of an in-house HR department.  The function can sometimes fall into the lap of the Managing Director, or the Finance Director, but rarely does this work as the business evolves and everyday tasks become more and more of a burden.

There are many benefits to outsourcing the HR function, predominantly it gives access to a highly experienced and qualified team of specialists, and the most up to date HR expertise as and when it’s needed.  Outsourcing also brings increased flexibility and speed of response, as well as reduced risk.

HR is a complicated business function that needs a lot of time and administration.  By outsourcing, you take away the requirement in the first instance for somebody to create documents, templates, and forms, keep them up to date and hold personal information in a safe and secure manner.  You gain the assurance that your business is compliant, and you also have direct guidance from a team of dedicated professionals, with the full range of skills to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

One of the crucial elements in running a successful small business is having the right people on board.  Outsourced HR services include making sure that the staff hired are the most appropriate people for a specific role. They ensure people have the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviour for the business, and they will support the whole recruitment process from interview to onboarding.

Training and development form part of the wider HR function, and when handled correctly can help staff retention. Bespoke training by an HR partner is a cost-effective way to train staff and meet the demands of an individual business.

Having access to HR advice is extremely important from a compliance point of view. In a world where rules and regulations are subject to frequent change, it can be confusing for small businesses and their employees, so the legalities need to be right.  By outsourcing, you will never have to worry about sickness, holidays, or maternity and shared parental leave. You will always have cover.

We work with a variety of businesses throughout the UK, and our team of professionals are always on hand to answer your questions.  If you want to discuss the potential to outsource the HR function for our business then we would encourage you to contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.  We are committed to building relationships with clients for the long-term benefit of both businesses.