1. What is your role at FEG Ltd?

I’m the Managing Director and Owner. I founded the company in 2004. We’ve since built a large and experienced in-house team while retaining the small business ethos our clients’ value.

2. What does FEG Ltd do?

We’re a specialist engineering consultancy delivering cross-sector CAPEX project management and environmental technology services. Our team works across two separate divisions: Capital Projects and Environmental Technologies.

In a nutshell, our Capital Projects services are about keeping your project on time, on budget, and solving the problem at hand. We provide everything from initial feasibility and design, EPCM, CDM Principal Contractor, and turnkey projects.

Our Environmental Technologies division allows us to offer design, consultancy and turnkey projects in dust extraction, filtration, heat recovery, environmental surveys (e.g. noise and dust-in-air) and odour abatement.

3. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The belief that we are building a brand and reputation that is valued because we solve problems others can’t. I have a background in elite team sport and am driven by the feeling of achievement and a belief that if you do the right things the results will follow.

4. What makes FEG Ltd different?

We have an excellent mix of skills and experience, but we solve problems others don’t because we take ownership. We’re not just a faceless organisation, our clients always have access to a direct contact who genuinely cares about the project.

Our clients trust us to provide impartial and appropriate solutions that represent their best interests. We pride ourselves on our honest and transparent approach and we would never push a client to spend money they don’t need to spend – for us it’s all about finding the best solution for them.

Our business truly is built on relationships, and we’re proud to have developed strong ones with clients who return to us time and again.

5. What are the businesses greatest strengths?

Our people. We have a strong team of engineers covering all disciplines who are used to tackling difficult problems. We have an impressive client list that have worked with us for more than 16 years because of the quality of our people.

We’ve had clients describe us as “a really nice bunch of guys” and it’s true. It’s easy to forget that people do business with people but for us relationships are key.

6. What are your primary markets/sectors?

We work across multiple sectors, including food, paper and tissue, power, manufacturing, chemicals, and pharma, and count globally recognised businesses such as 2 Sisters Food Group, Kimberly-Clark, and General Mills among our clients.

7. Do you have growth plans for the future?

Yes, we have recently opened offices in Birmingham and Glasgow and have plans to expand into Belgium and Holland.

We have also developed our own unique odour abatement scrubber solution, the Liquid Contact Gas Scrubber (LCG) to solve odour issues in complex high-temperature food frying environments. We’ve submitted a patent application and believe it has export potential, so it’s an incredibly exciting time and we’re looking forward to introducing it to a wider market.

2020 has been a tough year for many but we’re still firmly focused on the future.