Global Precision continues to ramp up their company expansion – after already having invested £1.7m with a move into a new factory this year – by securing funds to buy £750,000 worth of additional machinery.

Global Precision Ltd provide manufacturing solutions across a broad range of market sectors, with their core business being in injection moulding plastics and assembly.

This West Yorkshire-based firm have been manufacturing large quantities of PPE for multiple years, however, in the current climate their demands have increased significantly due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

Therefore, to cope with this new demand above their steadily growing production projects, the company aim to increase their capacity by investing in 6 new moulding machines, totalling £750,000 worth of investment. These machines will be ranging sizes from 50 to 220 tonnes and will all be Engel machines to support dedicated production lines.

Global Precision manufacture everything from standard COVID type headbands to industrial respirators – with extensive experience providing a range of both of these products in particular. Though the diversity of their products range from prosthetics to domestic flood barriers and hairbrushes to large automotive moldings, to name but a few.

Alongside this anticipated machine investment, Global Precision are also investing in setting up additional assembly lines. These assembly lines will be manually operated, meaning that there will be a need for additional recruitment to man them as well.

Ultimately then, this investment by Global Precision is not only great news in terms of a Yorkshire company increasing their capacity, but it also has the potential to offer new job opportunities to the local community.

With Tooling and Injection moulding as their core business, Global Precision manufacture cost-effective, high quality, tooling offshore with options to import to run at their West Yorkshire facility or at their customers’ factories. Get in touch at