Great Annual Savings operational to offer one less worry for EMN members

As with many other members of EMN, Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) is navigating its way through the current situation with some core principles at heart.

Those principles being: ensuring our customers have someone to speak to with queries and questions, supporting our staff and their families appropriately and continuing to help businesses who need to save money.

The Group currently has a team of cost reduction experts working from home and helping businesses continue to reduce variable costs, including utilities, telecoms, payment machines, waste management, insurance and more.

EMN representative Chris Bonas is operational and ready to answer any questions about business cost reduction at a critical time for businesses.

The current opportunity for business energy contracts

Due to the significantly reduced demand for energy around the UK during the Coronavirus pandemic, prices have dropped and excellent deals are available, particularly on gas supply. But, this is expected to change in coming weeks due to historic OPEC oil production cuts and other market factors. This makes it an advantageous time to negotiate a new deal. Read our blog on this here:

How to take advantage

Through the Group’s relationship with EMN, Chris can offer a quick turnaround on quotes and information on our 13 cost saving services. Simply give him a ring or an email and he can get the process started on any area you are looking at. As always, quotes are no-obligation.

GAS has launched a COVID-19 support hub online with some free and relevant resources and advice on business savings at this time. You can also check out the areas of expenditure GAS can help your business with online too.

Take a look here:

Contact Chris to start saving today: