This latest case study for EMN showcases the advice and support affiliate member Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) was able to give to manufacturer Elring Klinger to help the company save money on its energy bills.


Company Background

With a history stretching back over 135 years, ElringKlinger are experts in the design and manufacture of speciality gaskets from both so and hard materials.

With an ever-growing portfolio, the firm now also produce sealing solutions for engine, transmission and exhaust applications, as well as manufacturing heat shields both for engine bay and under body.


With the manufacturing firm’s current energy contract due for renewal, they contacted their existing supplier, who informed them that they would be facing a 28 per cent increase on their current costs. Despite holding further negotiations, the best possible price available to ElringKlinger would still see their overall energy expenditure increase by 20 per cent. At this point, they realised they needed outside expertise if they were to overcome this hurdle.

Following discussions with member organisation the North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA), the company were advised to
speak with Great Annual Savings (GAS), who the NEAA had selected to deliver its new Energy Scheme. GAS had overcome
competition from other consultancies around the country and Elring Klinger was an ideal test of the new scheme.


Cost-saving specialists GAS were positive that there were significant opportunities to save money from the start. The
supply of “Green” electricity was an added complicating factor which was important due to Elring Klinger’s long-term goal of
becoming carbon neutral.

After an efficient consultation process, the desired contracts were finalised within three weeks. Elring Klinger also received the added bonus of a 100 per cent green energy certificate for no extra cost – a valuable boost to their carbon emissions goals.

Using their unrivalled buying power, GAS scoured the market and presented ElringKlinger with the cheapest, and most
appropriate energy deals for their business.

After discussing the options available, GAS’ solid industry knowledge helped Elring Klinger avoid the pitfalls of the
industry and achieve great savings of £65,000.


Both pass-through and fixed contracts were presented and two-year fixed was recommended based on Elring Klinger’s
forthcoming growth.

Guaranteed CO2 emissions reduction through the procurement of green energy.

Flexible contract with the option of rolling for six months if energy prices drop.

Overall saving of £65,000 – a better deal than the incumbent supplier and at least one other benchmarked consultancy.


“Overall finding a decent broker for your energy bill is a mine field and without Great Annual Savings’ help it would have
cost us much more in renewing. Great Annual Savings did not hassle or pester about taking up the contract and have also
agreed to look at our water and gas usage and billing to see if there are any cost savings there.”

Tony Bunker, Health Safety Environmental Officer, ElringKlinger