Our newest affiliate Millbank Solutions (https://millbanksolutions.co.uk/) have highlighted an excellent opportunity for those of you who employ less than 100 persons.

We all know the damaging effects that cyber-attacks can have on a business and how widely publicised these have been, from the smallest ‘scams’ to the largest direct assaults.  Every business needs to be prepared and have persons trained to understand the implications and types of defence available from simple steps to grand scale measures – Millbank have highlighted the offer below which is completely free for smaller companies through one of their partner organisations ‘GoldPhish’.

GoldPhish believe that all businesses – regardless of their size or budget – should have access to basic cyber security awareness training. That’s why they created CybACADEMY FREE 100 specifically for organisations with 100 employees or less.

The offer is a 12 month subscription without cost and with no obligation to continue beyond year 1.

Visit their FREE 100 web page (Click the following link) and sign-up for free awareness training at CybACADEMY FREE 100.

IN ADDITION any CDEMN member signing up to this or any other GoldPhish package, will also become eligible for a 15% discount from Millbank Solutions on an initial security and risk consultation (health check) for their small business. Please review the above link to Millbank’s website for more information on this offering.