UNTIL recently UK manufacturers have been limited to smaller Stereolithography build platforms and the only way to produce big prototypes was by section and bond methods.

However Paragon has taken the plunge and invested in a World first large frame SLA machine with a build platform of 800mm x 800mm x 600mm. The new UK-manufactured machine from RP Support is designed using next generation software and laser technology and builds in rapid HD format, reducing finishing and delivery times significantly.

Paragon’s new Commercial Director, Ian Jobling said, “The 3D printing market is becoming saturated with small printers and start-up companies offering models, but very few RP organisations have the size and investment capital to GO LARGE. I am delighted that Paragon have both and this means we can now offer the market rapid HD SLA printing on a big scale for the first time. Our new service caters for customers who want to build models up to 1m in length in one single piece. We have already seen significant interest in this new solution and delivered a number of exciting projects to National and International clients.”

Call +44 (0)1325 333141 for more information or email info@paragon-rt.com.