IA Growth

What we do:

At IA Growth, we seek to support senior leaders and organisations to INSPIRE ACHIEVABLE GROWTH through People, Strategy and Process

IA Growth is built upon a foundation of three core pillars;

  • Inspire Ambition
  • Improve Achievement
  • Inject Advantage

The Inspire Ambition phase is where we work the most; understanding ambitions, supporting the development of innovative visions and strategy including full financial forecasting and alignment to the product, people and process (all looked at through a data-driven insight approach) giving our clients real information to base their strategies of the future.   We help to deliver Innovative and Actionable solutions, thereby creating sustainable companies too, where each element of strategy will be looked at through key sustainability and social lens too should that be part of your ambitions.

Our balanced approach to sustainable business development utilises many improvement and transformational techniques (both traditional and more technology driven). We have the capabilities to create bespoke solutions enabling our clients to achieve their individual organisational ambitions, and we are backed by partnerships with key insight platforms and providers.

  • Business Overview where we look at Exploitation v Exploration.
  • Development of Vision using our 7-step proprietary model.
  • Development of strategy (for turnaround, growth, sale and exit) using our proprietary IA Growth model.
  • Business Model and Value Proposition Creation and Testing.
  • Development of Integrated Financial Plan showing all projects sales/revenues and potential expenditure to achieve IA Growth model, identifying any investment requirements etc….
  • Modelling “what if” scenarios.
  • Complete review of leadership and management using latest data analytics (see below).
  • Review and Development of business and commercial models as needed.
  • Development of operational model using IA proprietary tools.

What we offer EMN Members:

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The IA Growth team has an Impressive and Acknowledged track record of growing businesses across a wide range of industries mainly within North East England. We mainly work with businesses from £5 million to £100 million turnover, and are driven by our aim to improve the prosperity of our country, and an aspiration to give back to the society we live and operate in.

People is at the centre of the IA Growth Limited Time Model and with this, our partnership with Harrison Assessments forms a key part of our overall strategy in growing and turning around organisations.

We do this through these key activities;


Assess your organisational culture and discover risk areas

Explore the impact of individual and group behaviours on team dynamics

Understand engagement and fulfilment levels across your business

See how individual’s values align with your business objectives and goals


Recruit using our own proprietary Intelligent Packages bringing you the business case for recruitment, people productivity, fulfilment and engagement, retention and development.

Easily pinpoint strengths and identify your high potentials and succession plans.

Retain your top talent by understanding what is important to individuals and groups.


Measure senior and emerging leadership competency.

Gain insight into the specific set of behaviours that impact each competency.

Implement actionable development plans that provide guidance and generate enthusiasm.

Contact: Graham Sleep
Email: gsleep@iagrowth.co.uk
Website: www.iagrowth.co.uk
Tel: 0191 3755705
Email: enquiries@iagrowth.co.uk

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