Engineering & Manufacturing Network are incredibly pleased to welcome IA Growth back to our affiliate programme.

Businesses now need as much support as possible to grow and sustain and the opportunity to work with IA Growth who can support this with their team of award winning experts should be explored.

IA Growth bring measurable, innovative and actionable initiatives to support our regions great manufacturing and engineering community in their journey.

Andy, David, Graham, Steve and Steven have many years experience in industry and therefore bring a wealth of knowledge covering all business functions. They deliver solutions combining their ambition and brand promise to identify the “Ambition to Provide”, and compare this to the “Reality of Provision” measured from internal performance and customer experience. Their engagement model allows them to understand where your business needs really lie, and understand the culture and maturity of the business to offer the right solution, not just their preferred method.

We have never been in a time where diversification and agility is so relevant and working with the IA Growth team can provide the injection that you need to drive success in your business.

EMN look forward to working with their team to help support our regions great businesses.