Are you a County Durham based SME?  Could your business benefit from the support and knowledge of a Durham University Intern?

If so the Durham SME Internship Programme, funded by UK Shared Prosperity Fund may be just what your business needs!
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Project Offer – 50:50 match funding for a Durham University 3 month Internship

The Programme offers 50:50 match funding for up to 3 months for a Durham University Intern* giving your business the chance to access high level skills with lower financial risk and the additional benefit of guidance and support with the recruitment process.

*based on a salary of £20,820.80 per annum

How will your SME Benefit?

  • Access to High-Level Skills and Knowledge
    Benefit from the advanced skills and knowledge of Durham University’s students and graduates, bringing fresh ideas and up-to-date expertise to your business.
  • 50:50 match funding for Interns
    Make it more affordable to bring an intern on board.
  • Comprehensive Recruitment and Onboarding Support
    Receive full support with recruitment and onboarding, ensuring a seamless process and a good match for your company’s needs.
  • Your choice of Candidate
    Working in partnership with the University, your SME has full autonomy to chose a high calibre Durham University student or graduate ensuring the candidate meets the values and skills needs of your business.
  • Valuable Additional Resource
    Interns provide a valuable additional resource, helping to manage workloads, complete projects, and support your team.
  • Reduced-risk Employment Trial
    Enjoy a supportive and reduced-risk environment to trial employment, allowing you to evaluate potential long-term hires without a full commitment.
  • High-Quality Candidates
    Experience the high quality of a Durham University intern, who can bring enthusiasm, innovation, and a strong work ethic to your company.
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