What does Evolve Metals Ltd do?

Copper is the backbone of the green revolution, but it has a dirty little secret. It is incredibly carbon-intensive to not just mine but also recycle.

Evolve Metals Ltd was created to solve this growing issue. We are building the world’s most sustainable copper refinery and the first copper refinery in the UK for over 30 years. We are refining pure copper directly from local scrap, whilst at the same time enabling companies to turn their ESG goals into revenue.

We have now moved to the North East of England specifically to support the industrial and manufacturing groups reach their 2027 ‘rules of origin’ targets.  We have identified the 3 most significant sustainability ‘blocks’ and then engineered our business to address them…

  1. Zero Shipment Abroad

The UK is the world’s 5th largest exporter of scrap copper, whilst 100% of our refined copper is imported. This creates a huge carbon footprint whilst leaving the UK completely dependent on vital foreign resources.  Our copper refinery will be the only one in the UK. We have already started processing and refining samples at our R&D facility in Edinburgh as we look to scale up.

  1. Decarbonising Manufacturing

Understanding the importance of decarbonising the manufacturing process is intrinsic to our ground-breaking refining technology. Compared with a typical copper production process our technology uses up to 80% less energy and eliminates toxic gas emissions, with zero waste to landfill. Based in the North East, our first refinery will use 100% renewable power.

  1. Circular Economy Approach

The circular economy model is the entire premise of our business model. Evolve Metals not only refines copper efficiently but also ensures the extraction and reintegration of other strategically important metals like nickel, manganese, and lead back into industrial production.

What makes Evolve Metals great?

Evolve Metals uses circular economy principals to create jobs and wealth within the British industrial and manufacturing sectors whilst at the same time heavily reducing our national carbon footprint and our national dependency on foreign imports.

What is your 5 year plan?

An entirely self-sufficient copper ecosystem in the UK

What are you looking for from your EMN membership?

We are here to actively engage with manufacturers in the North-East of England, encouraging them to participate in this sustainable shift. By partnering with Evolve Metals, we aim to transform environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals into a profitable recurring revenue stream for our partners.

What information do you want to get out to members?

We want to help members start to looking at their ESG obligations in a new light. By realising more value in your waste it is less likely to end up in landfill. Each member’s ESG departments should become profit centres.

What are you going to offer back to the community?

We are here to create jobs and support the long-term evolution of a green British industry.

Website: https://www.evolvemetals.uk/