1. What does Kail & Co. Limited do?

Operating from two 17,000 square foot purpose-built state of the art facilities, Kail’s highly skilled and motivated workforce, utilises the latest in CNC Technology to manufacture a wide range of components for the Defence, Oil and Gas, Aerospace and Renewable sectors. Typically, the materials we machine are nickel based super alloys or aerospace grade stainless steels. We have worked with some of our customers for over thirty years but are always looking to add new customers and develop new supplier relationships. Our aim as a company is to surpass our customers’ needs in today and tomorrows ever changing environment.

  1. What makes Kail & Co. Limited great?

A diverse range of machine tools means we can support high complexity low volume machined parts are large volume low value parts. We have an established workforce with many engineers having twenty plus years service. We also aim to have three apprentices in the business at any one time to ensure that we are planning for demands.

Over the last 4-5 years we’ve invested in 5 axis multi-pallet machines as part of our strategy to use technology to combat the skill shortages and competitive overseas markets. We’ve also added a robotic cell to manufacture a range of components for the aerospace sector.

  1. What is your 5 year plan

To continue to develop our ‘lights out machining’ strategy to increase turnover without necessarily increasing the head count. Our focus is on creating highly skilled engineering roles withing the Northeast. We will continue to invest in automation solutions with machine tool suppliers during this time. We’re always looking to adopt and introduce new technologies wherever possible.

  1. What are you looking for from your EMN membership?

To collaborate with other manufacturers to gain support on our journey to becoming carbon neutral and opportunity to network at any forthcoming events. Any opportunities to further develop our manufacturing engineering team in terms of site visits to review current best practices.

  1. What information do you want to get out to members?

That we’re here to support any manufacturing requirements they may have. We are keen to develop and build new relationships and be part of a strong northeast manufacturing network.

  1. What are you going to offer back to the community?

Advice on automation and any technical support our engineers can provide in the manufacture of high precision components. We’ve been through a steep learning curve in terms of how to achieve ‘lights out machining’ and would be happy to share any of our learnings.