1. What does RARUK Automation Ltd do?

RARUK Automation is a dedicated automation company from sister company RA Rodriguez, that specialises in the supply of innovative automation products designed to enhance productivity across all industries.

Our range of automation solutions include collaborative robots (Cobots)Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), industrial and cartesian robots, through to automated warehouse storage and feeding systems.

We provide OEM’s, systems integrators and manufacturers with a unique range of off-the-shelf and customised automation solutions to resolve avoidable issues faced by companies in their day-to-day operations. Typical applications include palletising, machine tending, pick and place, dispensing, sanding & polishing, screwdriving, and warehouse logistics.

  1. What makes RARUK Automation Ltd great?

We are the leading UK distributor of Universal Robots and the only one to hold Universal Robots Platinum status.

We sold our first Universal Robot in 2011. Since then, our range has expanded to offer a range of collaborative and industrial robots, complimentary application solutions, mobile robots, as well as automated storage and part feeding systems.

Our Shefford head office also houses our Tech Centre and training academy where we carry out feasibility studies and product development for our customers, as well as certified Universal Robots training. We are the only distributor in the UK to be able to train to Universal Robots Advanced training status.

Our dedicated Sales Engineers are supported by a technical team of five, who have extensive experience covering our whole product range – it’s our technical support and training capabilities which have enabled us to establish our position as the UK’s number one distributor.

  1. What is your 5 year plan?

Our aim is to support our existing and new customers through their automation progressions, as the UK’s automation trajectory continues to grow.

  1. What are you looking for from your EMN membership?

As RARUK Automation continues to grow across the UK, it is important that we further establish our presence in each region. As there is a fantastic engineering sector in the North-East, we would like to communicate our products and services, to further establish our footprint in this area.

  1. What information do you want to get out to members?

We want our members to be aware of just how simple and cost-effective automation can be. RARUK Automation offers expert support to customers throughout their automation journey, including comprehensive guidance during the decision-making process, training, technical support and, if needed, introducing them to one of our carefully selected integration partners who can provide a turn-key solution.

The next few months will see us opening a dedicated Technical and demonstration centre in the North. This will be an essential hub for our customers in the North of the UK, where they can witness our automation solutions in action and see how their precise processes could be automated through feasibility trials.

Feasibility trials and evaluations can be a key factor in the decision-making process as they provide our customers with peace-of-mind that the solution they are investing in is right for them, so we are delighted that this is something we will soon be able to offer in the North-East.

We have a dedicated Robotics Sales Engineer covering the North-East – Tony Bailes.

Tony’s role involves advising new and existing customers on how Universal Robots can be utilised in their workplace – from the first visit to understand the customer’s application through to calculating payback forecasting and installation guidance.

  1. What are you going to offer back to the community?

We can offer a complete passage through a customer’s automation journey. From initial application understanding and advice to training and product distribution, right through to installation – whether it is self-installation, or for more complex applications customers may choose to work with one of our integration partners.

One common challenge for UK manufacturing, that we often hear about from our customers, is staff shortages and put simply, we can provide a cost effective and very simple solution to help them overcome this hurdle.