1. What does MANOSUN do? Manosun is a provider and designer of industrial hand protection based in South Tyneside, we work with the end-user in surveying tasks and applications within the workplace offering an in depth report as well as evaluation and trials. Our products are made available through the traditional distribution network as nowadays most end-users are contracted and also use Vendors onsite, we can work with any vendor and selecting Manosun hand protection will not affect your current contract to change for a more suitable product for your business. As a SME we are a small team but we have a lot of experience, combined we offer over 30 years experience in the PPE sector and our founder has an additional 15 years within the automotive sector in HSE and production.


  1. What makes MANOSUN great? We may be small but we react quickly, we don’t offer brands from other makers we have our own brand and direct manufacturing from one factory. Working with any end-user that has found there current hand protection Wanting we can reengineer the most basic glove to become the product that offers the protection you have been looking for “not all solutions are off the shelf” Our in depth surveys are conducted by NEBOSH professionals and our work/services are accredited by the BSiF as a Registered Safety Supplier (for two years now) to the UK’s industrial network


  1. What is your 5 year plan? We are three years in now and a team of 3 within our own office and warehouse based in South Shields: our 5 year plan like any SME is to grow from strong foundations and that can only happen when working with strong end-users and distribution partners. We see ourselves with another 3 field sales support staff and 2 internal staff, we would be happy to look back in 5 years and see an external team of 4 or 5 and more office support of at least 3, so if your business could compliment ours and your looking for a better service; speak with Manosun.


  1. What are you looking for from your EMN membership? I believe that people buy from people in this industry and Gloves are a tactile product. Joining groups like the EMN can place my business in front of partners I believe will help me grow my business and promote my brand.


  1. What information do you want to get out to members? I want to promote to fellow members that your hands are 98% the “First point of contact” within manufacturing and engineering. Hand protection is still looked at as a necessary evil and restricts dexterity when worn, cut resistant gloves used to be very thick and clumsy. In today’s industry we can offer gloves with the highest cut resistance that fit and feel like a second skin and touchscreen compatibility permits the user to keep gloves on when operating machinery control panels eliminating the human risk of forgetting to done gloves after some processes and exposing themselves to injury.


  1. What are you going to offer back to the community? Manosun is also involved in other groups and within these we offer to fellow members a support line to discuss any hand related issues or reviews within their businesses at no obligation to use our products, we have many relationships with competitors and resellers who speak with our founder Steven Patterson and use his knowledge in selecting the right level of protection, for an impartial reply to the correct product we will point you in the wright direction “you never know that the next inquiry you have may be for Manosun products”