MAC International, a manufacturer of industrial and commercial cleaning equipment and machines, has expanded its range of zero emission hot pressure washers following a 315% growth in zero emission pressure washer sales in the last four years.

The Darlington-based business, which is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of bespoke static pressure washers and produces all of its machines at its North East headquarters, has invested heavily in the research and development of its MAC Zero Emission hot pressure washer range. This expansion aligns with the company’s mission to contribute significantly to the transition to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

The business has responded to the growing demand by increasing its headcount in its marketing and production departments by eight. This strategic move is designed to support the accelerated growth of the Zero Emission Pressure Washer range throughout the UK and Europe.

The expansion comes as the business also invests heavily in becoming ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified; it is already ISO 9001:2015 and CE/UKCA certified, which highlights its commitment to quality management.

Peter Gibson, the Member of Parliament for Darlington, was welcomed to MAC International by its managing director, Simon Ruck, to see the business’s new carbon neutral range, which now accounts for 40% of its total static hot pressure washer sales, a huge increase over previous years.

Simon Ruck, managing director at MAC International, said: “Throughout the last four years we have invested heavily in the research and development of our MAC Zero Emission hot pressure washer range. This has allowed us to generate the technology and change that will exactly replicate the performance of diesel machines, providing a no-excuse reason to change.

“We have built a new manufacturing line in our Darlington factory. This has culminated in recruiting a new team of engineers and manufacturing staff to design and build our products here in the North East.

“We are confident that the growth of our business in the next 10 years will be centred around our world class emission free pressure washer range, as companies look for green, diesel free alternatives.”

Peter Gibson, Member of Parliament for Darlington, said: “MAC International is a shining example of the investment that is going on and the manufacturing happening here in Darlington.

“It is important that we have companies creating emission-free carbon neutral products because as we go through the energy transition, consumers want to be addressing those issues.

“MAC International are really going places and it’s fantastic to see this investment and technology being delivered and manufactured right here in Darlington.”