Manufacturing Pre-Employment Programmes, Apprenticeships, and Short Training Courses

Statistics prove that effective work skills training and personal development opportunities for employees is a sure way of retaining and recruiting good people who feel valued and supported, resulting in higher levels of motivation and increasing productivity within the workplace.

GEM Partnership is committed to supporting the business community with a comprehensive portfolio of personal development models which can be tailored to suit a specific environment or business need.

Our team of experts work closely with our customers to develop 360 talent solutions and, in relation to training provision, establish the most appropriate content and delivery structure, leading to measurable organisational added value and personal development benefit for every learner. In addition, our training specialists keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry to provide you with expert advice, market insights, and new opportunities all in-line with industry best practice.

You can be confident with GEM Partnership as your training provider as our approach and methodologies have been proven successful across a range of sectors and disciplines.