1. What does Trotec do?

Trotec is a manufacturer of high-quality laser cutting, marking and engraving solutions.

The UK subsidiary is headquartered in Boldon Colliery where a large warehouse stocks the laser systems and spare parts as well as a wide range of proprietary sheet materials and engraving supplies.

As well as the warehouse, the Boldon headquarters is home to a laser demonstration centre, and the technical service, materials sales, logistics and marketing teams.

  1. What makes Trotec great?

Trotec laser systems and materials are developed to provide high-quality, efficient and reliable laser solutions for business use. All R&D along with the majority of manufacture is based in the company’s global headquarters in Austria.

Trotec employs almost 50 people in the UK to ensure a high level of customer service and support is provided to match the quality of the product portfolio.

  1. What is your 5 year plan?

In recent years, Trotec UK has worked with some large industrial clients to provide end-to-end solutions which incorporate the commissioning of laser systems as well as the ongoing supply of materials and, of course, the accompanying service and support. These long-term business partnerships will continue to be a focus for Trotec UK. While the research and development taking place in Austria will ensure a stream of innovative products, software and services which meet the ever-changing needs of our customer base.

In addition to these larger projects, Trotec’s core business is the supply of production-grade laser systems to SMEs, so business growth and stability is centred around maintaining a high level of customer service and support for these systems, with a large team of regionally based technical service engineers as well as a service desk based at the Boldon headquarters.


In recent years, the introduction of a new laser software operating system, Ruby® has streamlined the workflows for many Trotec customers and this product will continue to be developed with a view to completely revolutionise and digitalise the use of laser cutting, marking and engraving solutions.

  1. What are you looking for from your EMN membership?

Trotec’s has had a base in the North East of England for ten years. We are keen to grow our network and share experiences with like-minded businesses in the region, especially within the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

  1. What information do you want to get out to members?

The North-East laser demonstration centre is undergoing refurbishment and will soon be home to Trotec’s SP3000 CO2 laser cutter. This is the largest of Trotec’s flatbed laser cutters with a working area of 2210 x 3210 mm and 400w laser power.

The demonstration centre is also home to Trotec’s other range of plotter and galvo lasers which have CO2 and fibre source options as well as ceramic, metal and glass tube laser source technology. So, a wide range of laser systems suited for varying applications and business needs!

  1. What are you going to offer back to the community?

As we serve many industries, we have a vast network of contacts and businesses along with customers in the sub-contract manufacturing field and are happy to provide helpful connections. We are keen to share experiences and best practices in relation to our UK operations (sales, marketing, logistics, technical service and support), as well as provide links to Trotec’s manufacturing and office sites around the world.