1. What is your role at Modular Security Solutions?

I’ve been the Managing Director of Modular Security Solutions for nearly four years now and because we are an SME that means I wear a few hats. This week I have been an estimator, a contracts manager, IT support and the toilet cleaner!

  1. What does Modular Security Solutions do?

We design, supply, and deliver modular strong rooms, panic rooms and high security environments which are built using our security/fire tested and certified LPS 1175-8/BS476-22 composite panel systems.

On 99% of occasions this bears no resemblance to the Jodie Foster Panic Room movie and involves security hardening (in a very undramatic manner!) critical environments where people, buildings and assets may be at a heightened rick of violence, theft, vandalism, sabotage or terrorism.

  1. What gets you out of bed in a morning?

Usually, my kids fighting with each other!

From a professional aspect, working with people to find a solution is what motivates me every day. We work on some extremely sensitive and security critical projects, where forced entry and unauthorised access  is potentially catastrophic.  It feels good to know we keep the bad guys out!

I’m a very social animal and being able to chat with people and build positive working relationships is a key motivator to me.

  1. What makes Modular Security Solutions different?

Our security rated composite panel systems are fully modular and on average 50% faster to install when compared to traditional secure building methods.

Our product range provides significant time and cost savings to a segment of the construction sector which was previously time consuming and astronomically expensive.

We don’t just claim our security rated panels resist entry, they have been physically tested and put through their paces by BRE Global – Owners of the LPS 1175 security standard. They have been attacked with a wide range of mechanical and battery-operated tooling. Our highest performing panel systems even resist attack with a petrol driven disc grinder!

We offer a free of charge security design package and project management service  into every project we deliver.

  1. What are the businesses greatest strength?

Our people and our experience in a very niche market! If physical security in a building’s envelope was a specialist subject on mastermind, we would be the champion’s champion!

Our relationships. We have built up trusted and positive relationships with our supply chain, our strategic partners and of course our clients. We would be nothing without them.

  1. What are your primary markets / sectors?

A lot of our work comes from the cleanroom/laboratory sector, where nasty viruses, pathogens, chemicals, and agents are housed.

We also work in the data centre sector, where sensitive data and expensive network equipment needs to be protected.

We have recently seen a big upswing in work from the offsite building sector, a sector which is slowly moving to speedier, more modular methods of secure walling systems.

  1. Do you have growth plans for the future?

One of more pressing plans is to concentrate on export opportunities.  UAE is of particular interest to us, given the heavy investment in the region and heightened focus on building security.

We also have huge plans in the pipeline with regards to additional product testing which will allow us to tackle another key market but the precise details of that are top secret for now!