1. What is your role at AGMA?

General Manager. I have been with AGMA since 1985. Starting on the factory floor in production, working my way through the ranks to Business Manager for the Healthcare sector then on to the General Manager role.

  1. What does AGMA do?

For over half a century, AGMA has built a reputation for quality and service across a variety of sectors. AGMA has been very successful in developing bespoke disinfection and sanitisation solutions that enable organisations in highly regulated global markets to enhance the quality and performance of their delivery systems, supply chain and production. This includes the manufacturing of both sterile and 0.2 micron filtered biocidal disinfectants and cleaning products for use within the healthcare industry. We pride ourselves on product quality and customer service and are certified with BS EN ISO 9001: 2015. All products are developed, formulated, and manufactured in the UK in accordance with cGMP, and we are audited internally and externally by representatives from the pharmaceutical industry.

Other sectors where AGMA export across the world includes the manufacturing of corrosion prevention coatings, high precision cleaning products and degreasers for use in industrial settings. Our easy-to[1]use solutions enable you to protect your equipment, so you can continue to innovate. With all our industrial solutions carefully formulated by our team of in-house experts, you can confidently meet regulations while boosting your supply chains. We pride ourselves on product quality and customer service. In this guide, we’ll share which trusted AGMA solutions will help you achieve reliable performance, keep up with changing market trends and meet regulations, including environmental ones. Based in Haltwistle, Northumberland, UK, our products are formulated and manufactured in the UK, and over 310 businesses across 34 countries now trust AGMA.

  1. What gets you out of bed in a morning?

Knowing that every day will bring its challenges, and being part of the team that can help. Also, being involved with making the decisions that help grow the company.

  1. What makes AGMA different?

AGMA is a small business that is proud to manufacture products to a very high standard and sell into several business sectors globally. AGMA has many years of experienced staff members ranging from 1 year up to 45+ years.

  1. What are the businesses greatest strength?

AGMA can react very quickly to customer demands, AGMA’s work force are flexible and hardworking, loyal customer base.

  1. What are your primary markets / sectors?

AGMA have several markets that we sell into. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical is the largest sector, followed by Oil & Gas, Corrosion Control, Industrial & Protective Coatings.

  1. Do you have growth plans for the future?

Yes, we are always looking for new partners/distributors globally to help grow the AGMA brand. Also, being the formulator manufacturer of all AGMA products we have a dedicated Research and Development team looking to add new product lines constantly. We are also upgrading our IT system and manufacturing processes.