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13th June

For some time, it has generally been the case that dividends have offered company owners and directors a cost effective and flexible remuneration option compared to a bonus or salary.

However, the gap between the two has narrowed and it can no longer be assumed that a simple dividend option is the most effective route to take. Every individual’s personal and business circumstances are different, and a remuneration review allows you to plan around your particular situation and ensure optimal tax position.

Recent tax changes, including the corporation tax increase, have been influencing factors. As such, assessing ways to manage the impact of this hike to 25% on taxable profits over £250,000 could be beneficial.

Join our panel of experts as they discuss:

  • Steps to help entrepreneurs, business owners and directors efficiently plan their remuneration
  • Managing the increased corporation tax burden

Writing off business investment through the full expensing regime and deducting some or all of the value from profits before tax is paid