What is your role?

I am Marketing Manager at CJM Recycling.

What does CJM Recycling do?

CJM is a recycling company specialises in both plastic and fibre recycling.  We have unrivalled global network of material recyclers.  Additionally, we provide a total waste management service to a variety of businesses through the country.  We work closely with facilities managers to ensure that whatever waste material that can be recycled will be.

What gets you out of bed in a morning?

I like variety in the work I do and at CJM each day is different.  CJM is growing rapidly and its rewarding in being a part in shaping it’s future.  We have just moved all our operations to a new site in Wallsend.  Later this year we will install our plastic recycling facility.

We are working on a variety of digital transformation projects, which is something I personally find very interesting.  Data and analytics are very much the future and CJM aims to be at the forefront for a business of our size in our sector.

We are also still a relatively new brand, so we have a variety of schemes to raise our profile.

What makes CJM Recycling different?

A combination of things.  Our smaller size makes us agile in comparison to our larger competitors in the waste recycling sector.   We are a young and dynamic team with real expertise in recycling.   We provide tailored waste and recycling solutions, and we solve problems every day, so I think our clients find us refreshing to deal with.

With have a sharp eye on sustainability at CJM and are currently investigating a number of schemes to do with carbon footprint reduction, which the aforementioned digital projects will enable.

What are the businesses greatest strength?

I know its a cliché but our people are our greatest strength.  The team we have here is fantastic.  Across the operational, commercial and admin departments you have a real depth of skill and experience.  The culture fostered by our owners Colin & Jayde is admirable.  They set a tone where everyone is valued, which means that everyone ‘mucks in’ to ensure the work is done in a timely and efficient manner.

What are your primary markets / sectors?

We work with manufacturers and engineering businesses nationwide ensuring their recyclable waste materials are diverted from landfill and are, ultimately, recycled into new products.

Do you have growth plans for the future?

The last 12 months have been a whirlwind but we won’t stop there.  Our plastic recycling facility is due to be installed later this year, which is another important step in our evolution and will allow us to keep more of the product recycling we do in the region.

Undoubtedly our fleet will also grow, which will give us even greater reach and flexibility over the logistics of the operation.