1. What is your role at Smith Trade Signage? – General manager

2. What do you do? I’m responsible for creating and maintaining synergy between all departments within the manufacturing division. This means ensuring operational strategies are created, communicated clearly, and implemented in alignment with the overall business strategy.

I work closely with departmental managers to help drive the strategy and performance of the business. To do this I analyse data on operational functions, reporting back to the board with a performance review, and making suggestions or changes where necessary.

3. What gets you out of bed in a morning? – I enjoy coming to work knowing no two days are the same and every day is a school day. I have been at the business 4 years now and I am still learning. I must also note the business is full of fantastic and like-minded people, this is always a big factor in enjoying your place of work.

4. What makes you different? –  I have a passion for learning new things and working for Smith allows me to do so. I’m not afraid of failure. I believe we must try to know if it is a success. It’s not about the mistakes we make but how we learn from them.

5. What are the businesses greatest strength? – We have a proven record of being able to deliver projects to budget and on schedule. The communication is also great within the manufacturing team. The people here are innovative thinkers and engaged when needing to demonstrate a willingness for change.

6. What are your primary markets / sectors? – Our primary market is the sign and graphic industry, but I must also point out we do work with local authorities because of our association with traffic signage.

7. Do you have growth plans for the future? – Yes, the management team work closely together to ensure we have a defined strategy with goals and objectives that will ultimately achieve sustained business growth.