In today’s fast-paced and rapidly evolving world, the integration of technology is paramount to the success of businesses across all industries. In recognition of this fact, we are thrilled to welcome on board our new affiliate member CMYK.

“CMYK work with businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to global manufacturing and engineering firms. With our network of support engineers, we can provide national support to our clients whilst still delivering a local, personal level of service. Our North East operation is based in Newcastle Business Park and since opening in 2020, we have worked closely alongside EMN, supporting the team at the flagship EMCON event as visitor registration sponsor, managing all exhibitors and delegates who attended the event with our visitor management solution.” – Sarah Wharrier

As an engineering network, we strive to bring together the brightest minds in the industry, all working towards a common goal of innovation and progress. Our new affiliate member, with their wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of technology, will undoubtedly be a valuable addition to our network.

CMYK is renowned for their cutting-edge solutions, innovative ideas, and commitment to excellence. Their team possess a deep understanding of the latest trends and developments in the technology sector, making them well-equipped to provide unparalleled service to our network. By joining our network as an affiliate member, our members will have access to their vast pool of resources, expertise knowledge and experience.

EMN is proud to welcome this new affiliate member, and together we will be able to bring more value to the network and all our members. Get in touch with Sarah now to book either a free two-hour IT Security overview or a free Technology Roadmap planning session.