Businesses across the UK continue to face a number of uncertainties, including volatility in the value of the pound, rising interest rates, potential soaring costs in raw materials, energy and labour, staff shortages and persistent supply chain issues.

This uncertain and changeable economic backdrop at home and abroad has created a challenging environment for businesses trying to plan for the future, minimise costs and retain much needed cashflow. This webinar will help support SMEs to put in place some key changes that may reduce risks and help ensure your business can survive a downturn and be ready to take advantage of an upturn when it comes.

Our panel of speakers will explore steps SMEs can take to enhance their resilience against these external factors and limit associated risks to a minimum. Our R&D panellist will explore the tax relief which could provide a valuable cash injection, upcoming changes to the scheme and critical factors to consider when submitting a claim.

Our experts will discuss the following:

  • Financial defence tips, including prudent cash management and cost control
  • The new Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) and other funding options
  • Options to enhance your staff rewards and support your staff with cost of living pressures, both to create cost savings and attract and retain the best people
  • Cost-effective energy procurement
  • Upcoming changes to the R&D scheme and critical considerations when submitting a claim
  • Webinar DetailsDateWednesday 26 April 2023Format and timings12:00 noon Start13:00 pm Finish(There will be a Q&A session)