Episode 6: When Cultures Collide

Our Bang the Drum Episode 6: ‘When Cultures Collide’, is live now, wherever you get your podcasts – including Apple and Spotify. If you missed Episode 5: ‘Green, Green, Growth‘, you can listen here.

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Our panel discuss how to lead a growing international organisation and integrate diverse cultures to create a homogenous business.


Upcoming episodes  

  • Supply Chain Chaos – In the year the term ‘supply chain’ went from corporate jargon to internet meme, global businesses are continuing to be impacted by product shortages and logistical nightmares. How to cope when your orders become disordered.
  • Rise of the Franchise – Exploring franchise as a business model for growth – looking into the pros and cons, types, and size of investment, and where to start.
  • How to be Resilient – Times are tough. So, how do SME businesses in some of the worst-hit sectors maintain continuous operations, protect people and assets, and preserve brand equity in the face of disruption?
  • Getting Payroll Right – Discussing the importance of having a successful payroll process and when is the right time for a growing SME business to seek help.

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