Webinar | What does the future for R&D tax relief look like?

30 March, 12.00 noon – 13.00 pm

There are significant changes on the way to both the operation of and also the benefits available under the Research and Development Tax Credit schemes. The UK’s R&D tax system has been heavily debated in recent times, with system abuses commonplace and subsequent processing delays for legitimate claims.In order to try and address some of the criticism around the scheme and to stimulate positive change, HMRC have conducted an eight-week consultation on the potential simplification of the relief. While the results from this consultation are collated, there seems to be a developing expectation of how the scheme will look when any agreed reform takes effect, which may be as early as 1 April 2024.The canvassing of opinion also comes at a time when R&D relief is set to be reduced by up to 44% from 1 April 2023.Join our panel of R&D experts as they explore what the R&D tax relief system will look like from April 2023 and beyond. The presenters will also touch on tips to help maximise the tax savings on offer, as well as how to ensure your claim is processed effectively.Our session will feature an extended Q&A session to allow for real-life situations to be explored, so please take the opportunity to submit any questions to be discussed at this point. Questions can be submitted upon registration.