1. What is your role at Penshaw View?

I am the Business Development Manager.


  1. What does Penshaw View do?

We provide Health and Safety consultancy, training, apprenticeships and recruitment solutions for businesses across the UK.


  1. What gets you out of bed in a morning?

Knowing that the support we provide our clients, candidates and learners with and the impact that this has is a huge motivation for me. I also love to find out about the finer details of the requirements of our customers and identifying solutions to their needs. Getting a ‘thank you’ e-mail or message makes my day.


  1. What makes Penshaw View different?

We really aren’t a one size fits all company. Every day we encounter something different from our customers and ensure that the way we handle each scenario is relevant to the outcome they need. Working with diverse sectors of businesses gives us great insight into the different scenarios organisations face from a Health & Safety perspective. We are a family organisation and treat all of our customers as such.


  1. What are the businesses greatest strengths?

Each area of our business is looked after by experts, bringing a wealth of knowledge, quality and a diverse background of experience that allows us to shape the relationships we create with our customers to ensure positive solutions throughout the business.


  1. What are your primary markets / sectors?

As a business, we have no limit to the sectors and organisations we can and do work with. All businesses have a need to understand Health & Safety and the services we provide allow companies of varying size to ensure that the level of competence is provided to keep people safe in the workplace.


  1. Do you have growth plans for the future?

Yes. We want to grow organically though existing clients and new customers. We constantly liaise with our existing clients to ensure that we offer services that are relevant to their needs. Working with organisations like EMN allow us to explore different new clients in the Engineering and Manufacturing sector.