Episode 4: Time to Buy
Our Bang the Drum Episode 4, ‘Time to Buy’, is live now, wherever you get your podcasts – including Apple and Spotify. If you missed Episode 3, ‘Diversity & Inclusion‘, you can listen here.

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In this episode, our panellists discuss integrating acquisitive growth into your business strategy and how to identify the right businesses to buy and complement organic growth with targeted acquisitions.

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  • Supply Chain Chaos – In the year the term ‘supply chain’ went from corporate jargon to internet meme, global businesses are continuing to be impacted by product shortages and logistical nightmares. How to cope when your orders become disordered.
  • Green, Green Growth – How to implement sustainable initiatives into your SME business, where to start, and when to start turning sustainability into profitable growth.
  • When Cultures Collide – Managing different geographies: How to lead a growing international organisation and integrate diverse cultures.