Here at Nano Electronic Services, we like to think we have a new and unique approach to manufacturing. We work on behalf of a number of manufacturing companies and design consultants. With over 30 years of industry experience in both component distribution, kitting and PCB assembly, we are well placed to help you with your design or production requirements. We have already identified and audited some key suppliers for design and electronics manufacturing.

We engage with the customer and interface with the supply chain. So instead of the customer having to find the supplier or deal with multiple suppliers, they just need to work with us. But its fully transparent, the customer knows who we are dealing with. But means we offer a much greater flexibility than just one dedicated factory. We could have prototypes made at Factory 1 and Production at Factory 2, but the customer doesn’t need to keep adding multiple suppliers, they work via us.

We pride ourselves on working hard to take the hassle from the customer, so they don’t need to stress about stuff, that’s our job. No job is too small, we are happy to help customers in the early stages when volumes are low. As a customer, you may need quick prototypes made, but also volume production, you may have specific design/manufacturing requirements and are not sure to whom to speak. You might need to get 2 or 3 quotes together, but don’t have the time or market knowledge to gather this.

By working as a direct representative of many suppliers, we can quickly identify the right partner for your project and manage it for you. You deal with us, and we deal with the rest, but with full transparency, so if you want to visit the factory or speak to the CEM team, you can—see us as an extension of them.

We prepare and manage your bill of materials, meaning we are able to respond more quickly than a CEM and their often inflexible MRP system, in the current climate this can only be a good thing. We usually get quotes back in under 48 hours.

By working this way, it gives us and you much more flexibility and capability than working with a single direct supplier. You can have prototypes made at CEM1 for speed, and CEM2 is used for production, but you only need to work with one supplier—Nano Electronic Services.

NanoES Benefits

  • Single point of contact
  • 10 SMT lines
  • Solder Jet Printing & Vapour Phase Reflow
  • 3D AOI & XRAY
  • uBGA, 0201 and 01005 capability
  • PTH with auto insert capability
  • Low cost hand build options for low volume , one off prototyping.
  • IPC Class 2 & 3
  • Design services, including PCB layout  ( Altium / Mentor ) and full product design
  • Test services – EMC / environmental and vibration
  • CE to UKCA support
  • Rapid prototyping to box build, plus in-house design and PCB layout capabilities
  • Flexible supply chain, minimising capacity issues
  • Sensible quote turnaround times – typically 24-48 hours.