Understanding the ins and outs of someone else’s business can be hard as each brings with it it’s own challenges. Yet every business has the same core functions such as operations, finance, quality, health and safety etc even if these are all performed by the same small group of people (in an owner manager case, perhaps just one).

With that in mind there are ways we can all achieve improvements by following similar basic principles, ones that apply no matter what our service or product is.

5S is something used by manufacturers to provide efficiencies within their businesses, irrespective of whether they are in process, food, automotive, white goods, yellow goods and so on. Engineering & Manufacturing Network see these principles applied to great success in many businesses each day and support companies looking to apply these (even if they don’t know what ‘these’ are at the time) and bring improvement, cost savings and better working practises in all areas of their business.

What are the 5S principles?

Set in order

This system focuses on putting everything where it belongs and keeping the workplace clean & tidy, which makes it easier for people to do their jobs without wasting time or risking injury.

What benefits does this bring? Well Toyota Motor Corporation who implemented this in the mid 20th century found it vastly improved the value and quality of their product. Could you do the same?

Let’s be honest, the principles aren’t rocket science yet the improvements can be ‘out of this world’ compared to old practises.

So here’s a thought for today. Pick an internal process or area and stand back considering those 5 aspects and see what improvements you can make.